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Student team InMotion purchases rolling chassis from British car manufacturer Ginetta

6th June 2019 • InMotion

Eindhoven, NL (June 6, 2019) –InMotion, a Dutch student team from Eindhoven University of Technology, acquired a chassis from British race car manufacturer Ginetta as a step to complete their goal of being able to recharge in 2 minutes in 2023. InMotion wants to revolutionise fast charging, with a technology they call 'Electric Refuelling'. This technology should enable you to recharge as fast as you would refuel a petrol car. InMotion is going to showcase this during the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2023 to prove that it can withstand even the most the extreme conditions.

Ginetta is a renowned race car manufacturer that aims to combine technical excellence, extensive quality control, and experienced personnel to give teams all the support necessary to achieve glory. They are known in the endurance racing world since they participated in the highest class of the 24 Hours of Le Mans last year. These accomplishments are in line with the goal of InMotion to prove Electric Refuelling at this race in 2023.

 Lead Engineer Chassis of InMotion, Julian Schokking, said: “Being supplied with a chassis by Ginetta, we as InMotion are able to guarantee to our drivers that the car will be reliable, safe and   of high quality. Furthermore, it allows us to concentrate on the development of Electric Refuelling.” InMotion is also working together with other companies, both new and already established in racing.

 Lawrence Tomlinson, Ginetta Chairman, commented: “As a race car manufacturer we're always looking to take race car manufacturing to the next level. InMotion has set ambitious goals for the next few years but we are really looking forward to seeing their development.”