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2017 Ginetta G55 GT3

A rare opportunity has arisen to purchase the last ever raced Ginetta G55 GT3. The car entered selected rounds of the 2017 British GT Championship with Century Motorsport and achieved a GT3 Silver Cup win at Oulton Park

This is a very fast car with a 2017 SRO GT3 official BOP, capable of outright wins in SRO organised event or any GT/Sportscar championship world-wide.

For 2017 the Ginetta G55 GT3 moved to the Ginetta ‘in house’ built and serviced 6.3 ltr V8. Producing up to 600bhp with very high torque levels. Ginetta fully support this engine going forward and it comes with a 60hr warranty which is unique at GT3 level.

The drive train is complemented by serviced IGTC Hewland gearbox and 247 XTRAC differential. Ginetta fully support with drivetrain assembly.

The car is presented in a sold as seen condition and is great value given its performance.

Specification includes:

·         Motec M150 ECU and C125 Dashboard

·         PDM with Motec Keypad

·         FIA Approved T45 Tubular Chassis with Integrated Safety Cage

·         ATL 115l Fuel Cell

·         Carbon Fibre Front Splitter

·         Carbon Fibre Dive Planes

·         Carbon Fibre Turning Vanes

·         Carbon Fibre High Downforce Rear Diffuser

·         Carbon Fibre Nose Box

·         Carbon Fibre Radiator Exhaust Duct

·         Carbon Fibre Adjustable Rear Wing with Adjustable Gurney Strips

·         Bosch motorsport Multi-Setting ABS System

·         Multi-Setting Traction Control System

·         Power Steering

·         Performance Friction Brakes with 6-Pot Calipers and 380mm Vented Discs on the Front and 4-Pot Calipers with 350mm Vented Discs on the Rear.

·         Two-Way Ohlins TTX Dampers

·         High-Speed Air Jack System.


Spare parts package available

Available immediately to begin your Winter testing with, this car would be a welcome addition to any paddock. Further pictures available on request.

Enquiries please contact -

£95,000 +VAT

Dsc 0350
Dsc 0362
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Ginetta G57

Ginetta Cars are delighted to offer our factory G57 demonstrator for sale. This car is significantly upgraded and is very close to the latest G58 specification prototype car.

Upgrades include Bosch Motorsport ABS and latest 600bhp Ginetta.

The Ginetta G57 will be supplied factory-approved and will have the drivetrain fully refreshed. The engine will have the Ginetta ‘in house’ built 6.3 ltr V8. Producing 600bhp with very high torque levels. Ginetta fully support this engine going forward and it comes with a 60hr warranty which is unique in motorsport.

2019 sees the car accepted in the British Prototype cup and is ideally placed for anyone looking to win overall in any national open sportscar championship or compete world wide in the Creventic Proto Type series tackling endurance race events.

Specification includes:

·         Ginetta designed 6.3 ltr V8 producing 600 bhp

·         Bespoke aluminium machined sump, bell housing and oil tank

·         1152 upgraded XTrac trans axle with polished gears

·         Motec M150 ECU with C125 dashboard

·         Motec PDM 30 and 15 with Motec instrument keypad

·         Megaline pneumatic paddleshift

·         Ginetta multi-functional carbon steering wheel

·         Bosch motorsport 12 setting ABS

·         Motec traction control

·         KYB electric power steering

·         Crash tested carbon monocoque

·         Dual element rear wing

·         ‘P2’ designed carbon diffuser and floor

·         100ltr ATL FIA fuel cell

·         Ohlins 3-way TTX dampers with front and rear 3rd element control

·         Alcon monoblock 6 pot caliper with 355mm discs all around

·         High speed air jack system


Each car will come with 2x Additional Sets of Wheels, and essential pit equipment, such as an Air Jack Lance, Car Skates, Tracking Bars, etc.

Enquiries please contact -

£170,000 +VAT

Dsc 0294
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Dsc 0305
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Ginetta G40R

A rare opportunity has arisen to be the proud owner of a brand new Ginetta G40R fresh off the production line, this is the last example of the perfectly proportioned performance-based driver’s car. The G40R is the epitome of pure driving pleasure, representing the culmination of Ginetta’s motorsport pedigree translated fluently into a road car.

The G40R embraces the road with fantastically responsive handling, everything about this machine is kept true to the pure driving experience. Packing a boastful power to weight ratio of 250hp/tonne, the G40R is certainly no slouch. A true ‘race car for the road’.



  • 1999cc in-line 4-cylinder, 16-valve Duratec
  • Electronic fuel injection
  • 200bhp and 190Nm @ 5000rpm
  • 0-60mph: 5.5s
  • Top speed: 140mph
  • Weight: 850kg
  • Mpg average: 29mpg
  • Emissions CO2: 181g/km



  • Lightweight interior
  • FIA safety cage
  • FIA fuel cell
  • Air conditioning
  • 5-speed H-pattern Gearbox
  • 6-piece composite gel coat bodywork
  • 200l boot capacity
  • 45l fuel tank
  • Michelin Pilot Sport tyres
  • Heated windscreen
  • Backlit dash
  • Push button start
  • Hella headlights
  • Ginetta racing wheel

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£36,000 +VAT

G40 R Front