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Ginetta GT3

A rare opportunity has arisen to purchase possibly the nicest Ginetta GT3 available.

Finished in Ginetta Orange, this car is in exceptional condition and has been looked-after and run to a level rarely seen today.

Formed around an aggressive Carbon Fibre aerodynamic package, this visually stunning car has the performance to match its looks.

The car features a Nissan 4.35 V8 (VK45) engine capable of 570bhp, with a Hewlang IGTC-200 6-speed gearbox with pneumatic paddleshift and a manual over-ride function and auto-throttle blip.

Specification includes:

  • FIA Approved T45 Tubular Chassis with Integrated Safety Cage
  • ATL 115l Fuel Cell
  • Carbon Fibre Front Splitter
  • Carbon Fibre Dive Planes
  • Carbon Fibre Turning Vanes
  • Carbon Fibre High Downforce Rear Diffuser
  • Carbon Fibre Nose Box
  • Carbon Fibre Radiator Exhaust Duct
  • Carbon Fibre Adjustable Rear Wing with Adjustable Gurney Strips
  • Bosch motorsport Multi-Setting ABS System
  • Multi-Setting Traction Control System
  • Power Steering
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Performance Friction Brakes with 6-Pot Calipers and 380mm Vented Discs on the Front and 4-Pot Calipers with 350mm Vented Discs on the Rear.
  • Two-Way Ohlins TTX Dampers
  • High-Speed Air Jack System.

This car also comes with a comprehensive spares package, including 2x sets of additional rims, a front bumper, a rear bumper, carbon diffuser, carbon splitter, brake discs, brake pads, driveshafts, and a steering rack amongst other things.

Available immediately to begin your Winter testing with, this car would be a welcome addition to any paddock. Further pictures available on request.

£99,000 +VAT

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