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Video: Carfection's Mike Channell Takes His ARDS Test

25th July 2018 • Ruth Harrison-Davies

Ever wondered how to become a racing driver? Look no further as Carfection star Mike Channell has released the latest in a series of videos which explain how to go racing. In this episode, Mike gets the all-important race licence as he sits his ARDS test.

We’ve got to admit, we’re becoming quite the fan when it comes to having 10 minutes off to sit down with a cup of tea and watch the latest video from our friends at Carfection. Even more so now our Ginetta G40 Club Car is the star of the small screen.

Mike Channell is one of our 2018 Ginetta Racing Drivers Club (GRDC) competitors, and he’s been documenting his journey from motorsport fan to fully fledged racing driver in a series of short films for Carfection. We’ve already seen him visit the factory to collect his new car and take part in his very first test day, so now it’s time for the ARDS practical and theory tests.

Although it seems like a lifetime ago already, Mike headed to Rockingham as part of the GRDC championship Launch Day in March and sat his racing driver test at 9am in the morning. Watch the video below to see how he got on.

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