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Rob Keogh

Races in:
  • 2018 G40 Cup

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Rob Keogh
Rob Keogh car
  • Age 43
  • Home Bristol

Do you have any hobbies outside of motorsport?

“Hard enduro” motorbiking (too infrequently these days) Superbike trackdays (to keep honing transferable skills) E-mountainbiking. Like mountain biking, but faster!

Do you have any pre-race rituals?

Turn up just in time, remember ear plugs (worth 0.5s a lap)

What are your motorsport career highlights?

Winning the want2race scholarship competition in 2012. Winning the GRDC+ championship in 2015 (against my mentor and now team owner and good friend, Ben Hyland). The close racing in 2017 between me and now BTCC driver Michael Crees, constantly trading wins and paint all season, brilliant!

What is your championship goal this season ?

Have fun on and off track, win the championship with hard fought, close, clean, exciting racing and generally exorcise the demons of last year.

What makes your driving stand out from the crowd?

I guess i'm the wrong person to ask, but ill certainly always give it my all and i think my "style" reflects my motorbike racing origins. On a suberbike you have to be smooth and have highly controlled aggression, but you also need to get whatever it is your racing moving around underneath you all the time.

What's your favorite circuit and why?

Very hard to choose as the quality of circuits in the series is top drawer! Brands GP for the “ballsy” corners, Donington for the variety and Oulton for my “rent-a-mob” of northern mates!

Where did you race and what were your results last season?

G40-Cup. A cursed year in many ways with the biggest crashes i've ever had, 2 rounds in a row and followed by multiple mechanical issues whilst trying to get back on track...literally! Was punted off the circuit at the penultimate round by a "guest" pro-driver whilst still in with a chance of championship, which also ended up ruining the final round as a piece of gravel had gotten stuck in the timing belt and went unfound until too late. 4th overall in the end. Gutted.