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Daniel Gale

Races in:
  • 2018 Junior Championship

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Daniel Gale
Daniel Gale car
  • Team Total Control Racing
  • Age 15
  • Home Kent

Do you have any hobbies outside of motorsport?

Racing is my ultimate passion, but I like mountain biking to keep fit (when I get the time, as I help out in my dad’s car body shop to help me gain more knowledge about cars).

Do you have any pre-race rituals?

I always close my eyes and focus on the race.

What are your motorsport career highlights?

Racing in the WSK championship in Italy was amazing as the tracks were fast, the racing was close and my team, Formula K were professional and like a family to me. I loved racing for the factory team.

What is your championship goal this season ?

To achieve podiums and continue to learn about the different tracks.

What makes your driving stand out from the crowd?

Smooth, flowing and consistent and the ability to fight my way through the pack from the back of the grid. I don’t ever give up.

What's your favorite circuit and why?

I raced all of 2016 in Italy and my favourite kart track is La Conca because it is so fast and the grip was great. As I’m only just 14 I have not yet driven on many car circuits, but Brands Hatch is my favourite because there is so much history to the track and it’s great to follow in the footsteps of past champions.

Where did you race and what were your results last season?

In 2017 I came back to the UK and entered Junior X30. I raced in the Buckmore Park championship and the Kent Cup Championship. I came a very close second in both of those championships. I also broke and hold three track records, Buckmore Park, Bayford Meadows and Lydd International raceway.