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Chris Salkeld

Races in:
  • 2018 GRDC,
  • 2019 G40 Cup

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Chris Salkeld
Chris Salkeld car
  • Team Assetto Motorsport
  • Age 28
  • Home Leeds

Do you have any hobbies outside of motorsport?

Flying, as a trainee pilot i spend as much time in the skies as possible.

Do you have any pre-race rituals?

I'm usually found bouncing around at the back of the garage, listening to music for my childhood trying to psych myself up, then a quick energy drink before pulling on my helmet and jumping in the car.

What are your motorsport career highlights?

Mario Kart: 1st place rainbow road..... GRDC 2018: 7 podiums in 8 races & 2nd in the Sprint Challenge G40 Cup 2018: Qualified 3rd with podium finishes. G40 Cup 2019: TBC

What is your championship goal this season ?

1. Not write off the car at the first corner... (almost!) 2. If I accomplish this then I'll be aiming to win the G40 Cup

What makes your driving stand out from the crowd?

I'm fast, aggressive with zero fear; i go for any gap that exists. If thats not enough to make me stand out, my car being chrome purple definitely will.

What's your favorite circuit and why?

Spa-Francorchamps & Circuit Gilles Villeneuve both fast, flowing tracks, with very unforgiving corners. Hopefully one day I will get to chance to race at both these stunning locations.

Where did you race and what were your results last season?

Last season i raced in the GRDC and achieved 7 podiums throughout the 8 race campaign. I also went on to securing a debut podium finish when jumping up to the G40 Cup for the final round at Donington and qualified 3rd overall in tricky wet conditions