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Brett Ward

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  • 2018 GT5 Challenge

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Brett Ward
Brett Ward car
  • Age 22
  • Home West Drayton, Middlesex

Do you have any hobbies outside of motorsport?

The hobbies I have outside of racing is going out with friends socialising, gym but most of all its mainly football im an avid Chelsea fan and I will always be watching and sometimes will go to Stanford Bridge if im not racing as its only 15 mins from where I live, I just love the atmosphere especially in major matches there nights you don’t forget. Also its great day out with the family which I don’t get to have to often.

Do you have any pre-race rituals?

I don’t have pre-race rituals as such but if I have a bad session or a bad day I start to change maybe into my other race boots my other gloves, I don’t know maybe it’s like being superstitious!

What are your motorsport career highlights?

My career highlight was the crossing the line and the sheer relief to become world champion from 4 years previous coming 2nd in the world finals in juniors and losing the lead on the last corner of the last lap. That’s two feelings ill never forget the ultimate high and one of the lowest lows.

What is your championship goal this season ?

My goal in 2018 for the GT5 championship is to win races and be in the top 3 of the championship of my first season in cars.

What makes your driving stand out from the crowd?

What makes my driving stand out from the crowd? For me I personally think it is my Self-belief I have in what im doing inside the car or kart, I think this makes the people around me in the team trust in me more which allows us all to work to together better and ultimately gives us a little bit more of an edge on the circuit to try and win races.

What's your favorite circuit and why?

Silverstone is my favourite circuit because the fast flowing nature of the track.

Where did you race and what were your results last season?

I raced karts around Europe last year in the X30 Class & Rotax class, My results last year; 1st in the X30 Euro series 1st in the Rotax World Finals 1st in the German Open Championship in senior rotax 2nd at Kartmasters in X30 Seniors.