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Andres Sinclair

Races in:
  • 2018 G40 Cup

Current url param:

  • Team Privateer
  • Age 27
  • Home Madrid, Spain

Do you have any hobbies outside of motorsport?

Computer hardware, gaming and socialising with my mates

Do you have any pre-race rituals?

I do star jumps to get the adrenaline pumped up and if there is good music, a cheeky dance

What are your motorsport career highlights?

Vice champion in the Caterham Tracksport Championship in 2014 and my win at Spa in the 420r in 2017

What is your championship goal this season ?

Just having fun on track!

What makes your driving stand out from the crowd?

Moving through the field if I started from the back of the grid.

What's your favorite circuit and why?

Spa, flat out through Eau Rouge. Doesn't get any better.

Where did you race and what were your results last season?

I did 6 races in the Caterhma 420r Championship with a win at Spa