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2016 Ginetta G57-P2 £165,000 + VAT

  • Engine: 6.2 V8, 580bhp
  • Eligibilty: VdeV, Creventic Proto Series, FARA USA, NASA USA, Dutch Supercar, South African Endurance Series, Gulf 12hrs (Abu Dhabi)
  • Steering: Left Hand Drive
  • Paddleshift: Is Paddleshift
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Ginetta Cars are delighted to offer their 2016-season fleet of G57-P2, available direct from the factory.

Each Ginetta G57-P2 will be factory approved, and will have their engines, gearboxes and diffs fully refreshed. The engines will have their running hours reset to 0 (zero) too.

Each car will be sold with 3x additional sets of wheels, and essential pit equipment such as an Air Jack Lance, Tracking Bars and Cars Skates.

The Ginetta G57-P2 is one of the fastest Sports Prototypes available on the market. This car weighs-in at under 900kgs, and is powered by a fearsome Chevrolet-sourced LS3 6.2 V8 developed in-house at Ginetta. Suited to all levels of driver grade, experience and ambition, it is eligible to race in: VdeV, Creventic Proto Series, Gulf 12hrs (Abu Dhabi), NASA USA Endurance Events, FARA USA Endurance Events, Dutch Supercar Challenge and the Austrian Sports Car Challenge, as well as being the ulitmate Track Day machine.

Competition Highlights Include:

2016 VdeV PFV Champion

2016 25hrs Thunderhill Champion

2016 FARA Miami 500 Champion

2017 Creventic Proto Series Race Winner