12 SEP 2012

Ginetta are to cut the cost of a season’s tyres in the Ginetta Junior Championship by up to 75% in 2013, after switching from race to road tyres in order to save teams and drivers valuable race budgets.

Having taken on board feedback from current teams and drivers, Ginetta G40 junior cars will now run only on road tyres, which can be used in all track conditions – reducing the need to shell out for wet tyres.

Keen to support young drivers aged 14 – 17 who are looking to take their first steps into the world of car racing, Ginetta are committed to reducing costs wherever possible. Max Gregory, Ginetta Championships Manager said; “Drivers will have a new set of tyres for every race weekend, and it will be written into the regulations that shaving tyres is forbidden. 

"A new set every weekend may sound like a lot, but it should negate the need to buy any test tyres throughout the season as drivers will be able to use their old race tyres.  Tyres will be priced at or below the £55 + VAT mark, meaning that a full season tyre budget, including any testing, shouldn’t exceed £2200 + VAT.”

As the UK’s highest profile series for young drivers wanting to take their first steps into car racing, the Ginetta Junior Championship is seen as the natural progression from the world of karting, and with costs sky rocketing in many feeder series, Ginetta saw it as vital to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Steven Hunter, Team Principal of regular Ginetta Junior team JHR said;“I think it is a sensible decision made in times where costing is becoming the priority of motorsport at present. This should bring the Ginetta Junior Championship well below a karting budget.”

Lawrence Tomlinson, Chairman of Ginetta said; “We’d like to try and bring back some of the “lad and dad” teams into Ginetta Juniors.  Changing the tyre regulations in this way should appeal more to this kind of customer – they don’t need to carry as many wheels and tyres, you don’t need as many people to run the car at the weekend, and the costs are greatly reduced.  We’d really like to see a good mix of professional teams and privateers next season.”

The change will see the 2013 Ginetta Juniors revert back to the same tyres which were used in 2010 when Tom Ingram won the Ginetta Junior Championship. Ingram said: “I think it will be great for the Juniors to return to road tyres, as they give young drivers a lot of respect for tyres and teach you how to look after them – not only in that you need to be careful to not overheat them, but also because the tyre is always moving slightly, therefore drivers need to master good car control.”

Charlie Kemp, Commercial Director at HHC Motorsport, who currently run Junior Championship leader Charlie Roberston, said;“From our point of view, we think the decision to run on treaded tyres will cement the Ginetta Junior Championship as the premier junior championship in the UK for seasons to come.

"The move will really cut costs and in doing so, makes the formula absolutely perfect for young drivers to hone their race car skills whilst making the transition from karting.

“It’s fantastic that Ginetta listen to what their customers are looking for – both in terms of teams and privateers – and the decision will make the coming season more cost effective and in turn, bring us even more exciting racing.”

Supporting the famous British Touring Car Championship and offering massive television exposure on ITV, the series is a genuine avenue into top level racing including Formula One and 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The announcement comes as Ginetta prepare to award one talented youngster a fully-funded season in the 2013 Ginetta Junior Championship through their Ginetta Junior Scholarship programme, to be held at Bedford Autodrome on 29th, 30th and 31st October.