Ginetta’s state-of-the-art 75,000 sq. ft. home is based in Garforth, Leeds and was officially opened by Damon Hill OBE in 2007. We manufacture everything under this roof from in the Ginetta offices and onto the car production line, through the machine, engine and chassis workshops, into the Ginetta stores and finally out onto the road and track.

On average we produce 300 cars a year and we design, build and launch our cars within a period of four-weeks. Our production line includes the G40 Junior car, G40 Senior car, G50 cup, G50 GT4, G50HC, G55 Cup, G55 GT3, as well as the G40R road car and the G60 supercar.

Ginetta currently employs approximately 70 staff from car and engine designers to quality control teams. We have a 50 point PDI quality control system with extremely high inspection activities. At set phases of the build, the car is first inspected by the engineer and then by the workshop manager for final sign off. Only when the PDI is fully signed off can the car be released.